rates & fees

Affordable and reliable care. 

Occasional Babysitting

Our mission is to make childcare simpler.

You’ll only pay your sitter’s rate plus $12 per booking or get free bookings with one of our membership options:

$50 one- month membership

$240 semi-annual membership

$360 annual membership

* all memberships are billed immediately upon purchase

Rates paid to sitters ranges from $15 – $22 depending on the size of your family. Total cost is provided at the time of booking. 

Long-Term Nanny Placement

Learn more about our nanny placement process by clicking the link below.

Nanny Interest Packet

Short-Term & Semester Care

Market rate of $14 – $20 per hourly rate paid to Sitter.

Each booking requires a paid membership or $12 per booking

A placement fee of $100 is required

4% convenience fee



We understand that kids get sick or plans change and you will no longer need the care that you have booked. We balance this understanding with an appreciation that this is a job for our Sitters and they seek reliable income. Thus, the cancellation fees below will be applied as necessary to support our Sitters.

$15 – Cancellation within 48 Hours of Confirmed Appointment

$25 – Cancellation with 24 Hours of Confirmed Appointment 

Full Wage Owed- Cancellation within 3 Hours of Confirmed Appointment

“Sarah was wonderful. She was early, left a wonderful log, and the kids LOVED her. We would love to have her back. She is meant to be around children, you can tell.”

Courtney P.

Carilly Parent

"Julie was awesome! She was on time, left the log, and my boys loved her."

Alexandra K.

Carilly Parent