Summer Sitter Program

Consistent Weekly Care For Your Family

Summer Program Details

 We’ve got childcare covered for you! If you are a family in need of consistent childcare throughout the coming months, please fill out the form below. You will hear from one of our team members while we work to match you with one of our 5-start rated sitters!

We appreciate that this is an unusual time for all of us. However, as you sort through your schedule moving forward, we are here for you! Our goal is to match you with 1 sitter who can accommodate your families weekly childcare needs, but we may also offer up to 3 sitters who can provide the coverage you need.

We will provide you with the profile of our top sitter for your family and help you arrange a meet-and-greet with that sitter. After the meeting, you will let our team know how you’d like to move forward!

Cost Breakdown

At the time of submitting your request, a $50 deposit will be charged and applied to your total booking fee. Your booking fee is calculated as follows:
– For 4-5 days a week, a booking fee of $4 per day is applied for each and every day arranged.
– For 2-3 days per week, a booking fee of $5 per day is applied for each and every day arranged.

Example, if the period of time a sitter is needed is 12 weeks and you elect to have a sitter every Tuesday and Thursday, your total booking fee for the Summer would be $120.

If you are in need of childcare only 1 day a week, please book through our appointments offering in the portal.

Your deposit of $50 will be returned if we are unable to find a suitable sitter for your family.

All appointments will be loaded into your Family profile for you to manage each appointment. After each appointment, your card on file will be charged to pay the Sitter for their time.

The payment rate to the sitter is as follows:

1 Child: $11 an hour
2-3 Children: $12 an hour
4+ Children: $13 an hour

We love our Lakeland families and want to make finding high quality and reliable childcare easy for you! If you have any questions, please reach out to us at