Teacher Appreciation Week is right around the corner, falling on May 2 – 6 this year. This is the perfect time to go above and beyond letting teachers know how much we all appreciate what they do. Here are creative ways for parents and students to show their teachers some love next week:

  1. Write your teacher a thank you note: Words of affirmation can go a long way and are always appreciated. Simply letting the teacher know something you are specifically grateful for can really show them know their hard work does not go unnoticed.
  2. Donate classroom supplies: Many teacher spend their own money on classroom supplies. Donating notebooks, printer paper, pencils, markers, and other everyday school supplies can really take a huge financial burden off the teacher.
  3. Drop off their favorite treat: Ask them some of the foods or drinks that they enjoy and drop it off for them in the office one day. What a nice surprise!
  4. Put together a teacher survival kit: You can find so many cute ideas on Pinterest. Many include mini-sized things like hand sanitizer, hand lotion, candy or snacks, pens, markers, post-its, wipes and caffeine!
  5. Decorate their door: Get permission from the front office to decorate their door. Make it a list of all the great things they’ve done throughout the school year or how they impact the lives of their students.
  6. Make something as a class: If you can find a way to get the whole class involved to sign a T-shirt, a mug or anything the teacher can have as a keepsake.
  7. Personalize a clipboard: Teacher’s love their clipboards. Make one with their name on it and decorate it for them.
  8. Wear RED on National Teacher Day (May 3): Red has become the color to show your support for educators! Wear your best #REDforEd outfit.
  9. Classroom Decor: Some teacher’s love to decorate their classroom! Find a cute education-themed gift that they can use in their room.
  10. When in doubt go with a gift card: It may seem less personal, but for teachers, gift cards are a BIG deal and a greatly appreciated.

Here’s a bonus! Download our “All About My Teacher” and send it in with your Teacher Appreciation gift. The teacher will love hearing all the cute things your kiddos have to say.