Advent calendar activities can be a fun way to countdown during the anticipation to Christmas. This homemade version takes a little preparation but really highlights the season of giving, with a little receiving along the way.

All you will need for this activity is:

  • Brown paper bags
  • These printable “25 Days of Christmas” cards (FREE download at the end of this post!)
  • Items that represent each card (including a Christmas scavenger hunt like THIS ONE from PJSANDPAINT.COM)
  • Tape
  • Brown wrapping paper
  • (Optional) Christmas Stickers

Number your paper bags 1 – 24. Gather items representing each card and place each one in a paper bag. Be strategic about what day you place each item on. For example, “Write your letter to Santa” should be done toward the beginning of December and not at the end. Take two strips of wrapping paper and place on your child’s bedroom door. Then with tape or clothes pins, attach 12 bags on each strip of paper.

Brown Bag Advent Calendar