Learning is great when it’s hands-on, but it’s even better when it’s delicious!

This fun and engaging way to learn all about the phases of the moon can be done with just paper and some Oreos! Ok… and you might want some milk too.

Start by printing the “Phases of the Moon” document. This shows your child the different phases of the moon and what each phase is called. Then you will take and twist an Oreo, scrape off the icing to match each phase of the moon and place on the blank labeled sheet. See if you can name each phase of the moon without lifting up the Oreo.

Next, take their knowledge even further by downloading “My Moon Journal”. Here you will find a moon calendar for an entire month. Date each box and shade in the part of the moon based on what you see in the sky each night. Try and view the moon at the same time each night. In “My Moon Journal” you will also find facts about the moon to share with your little one!

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