Quiet time is exactly how it sounds: an allotted time with no electronics or noisy distractions. It isn’t nap time. It isn’t a punishment. It is, however, part of a daily routine. Even if your days are not evenly structured, you should still carve out time for quiet play. It is good for both the parent and the child to have this time carved out for them. Here’s why:

For the little ones:

  1. Routine and structure: Despite the events of the day, whether calm or chaotic, it still instills a structure by having that time allotted for them.
  2. Time to reflect: Yes, even toddlers up to older children will sometimes use their time to reflect on their day. You will be surprised on the comments they come up with about what happened that day or the decisions they made that day.
  3. Room for creativity: This time allows for children to use their imagination and get creative. Whether it’s through art, reading or with their toys, kids are freed from distractions and can fully engage with their imaginations.
  4. Increases independence: After working out the quiet time routine, your littles ones will understand that this is a time where they have to figure things out on their own.

For you:

  1. Avoids parenting burnout: Yep, it’s real and you have probably experienced it at one time or another. Parenting burnout can sneak up on you in times when you have not given yourself a break and taken time to recharge.
  2. Makes room for mindfulness: Mindfulness gives you an opportunity to recharge and reflect on your day. This little break throughout the day may be just what you need in your schedule to help you bring your best self forward.
  3. Improves your mood: It’s no surprise that getting moments to yourself, no matter how brief, can improve your mood. Freeing up your mental and physical space for just a short time each day can have astounding results when it comes to your overall happiness in all aspects of your life.
  4. Time to catch up: This may not sound like your kind of self-care, but for some, having time to simply catch up on the dishes, a load of laundry or another quick chore really lifts a weight off of your day.

Starting this routine can be tough. It may not go the way you want for the first couple of days or even weeks, and it may take a lot of redirecting. But when you get this routine down, the payoff is big for both you and your little ones!